Writing in academic setting is pretty much different than writing in your own personal diaries. Now that I’m in college writing In academic is kind of challenging for me in terms of writing in proper grammar, finding reliable source and bringing out ideas. however as I started to write more and more, it become a lot less difficult. people say writing is a skill to learn. I think that is where I am right now in the stages of my writing journey in college.



ENA 101


What do you know about writing and what do you want to know?


Writing and speaking are very important parts in our lives because without writing and speaking are very difficult to communicate with other people. As students we have to write a lot of writing assignments. So, we need to improve our writing.  I know that if we want to improve our writing skill, we have to read as much as possible. I can write narrative essays and simple opinion essays. Before start writing I think a text can be with full of ideas and is recommendable do a prewriting that includes notes, brainstorming, outlining and gathering information then drafting will be a form of transform ideas on sentences and paragraphs. I think those ideas improve our writing.

I want to learn how to write good research papers. When I write papers I face difficult to find thesis statement and topic sentence. In addition, when I write my paper I do a lot of grammatical mistake, so I really want to know how to write correct sentence.

Hopefully throughout this class, I’m able to learn a lot of new things that can improve my writing skills.


The paper I will be revising is the essay I recently did, the proposal argumentative essay. In this essay I wrote about how dog poop can affect everyone in certain neighborhoods and the best way to decrease this would be by having camera placed. I chose this essay to revise because even though I received an A in this paper, I did not exactly expect to receive this grade, in my opinion it did not meet certain requirements such as a 4-5 page essay and as a student in this class I believe I should because in many classes they would not accept a paper that is shorter than expected.  This paper was supposed to help readers understand that not every dog owner listens to posters, and because its usually known as the “only” way to get their attention I wanted to think of something else. Many of us have to understand dog owners should know their job as a dog owner. When doing the peer response everybody told me the paper was good and provided other ways to help fix this problem. The way to meet my goal would be to add 1-2 more paragraphs into my paper and find more evidence. In every paper I been taught to always add a works cited because every paragraph needs evidence to be backed up with. As I do this the more evidence I will provide to my proposal and meet the page number requirement. I do not have any concerns on my paper because I am just adding information.

If anyone has been in Jackson Heights then they would see the mom and pop shops all around this small neighborhood. In the early 2000’s it was a very dangerous and uncleaned neighborhood but overall it was a neighborhood that extremely diverse and cultural. Lately, the residents from this neighborhood have been seeing big chain companies being built on our community. At first it seem harmless, like only two big chain companies were being built and it was actually nice. Then, after a while more big chain company were being built and mom and pop shops were closing fast. This community are losing its business people and immigrants because of these big chain companies, opportunities are closing. Francois Moya, a council man, needs to fight for this community because soon it won’t be know as it colorful, diversified or cultural people, it’ll just be another neighborhood that was taken to ‘clean’ out. Make a deal where no other big chain company can be built on our community, instead revamp and have more police do night shifts, if crime was really the issue to beginning with. This will help the community feel safer and cleaner, literally and not just ‘feel safe and cleaner’ because mixed people live in Jackson Heights.


                      Proposal to avoid traffic around the campus

My proposal argument is about traffic around the campus the traffic is heavy and it is a problem because most of the companies have to load their trucks and the traffic is chaotic .New York City is a place where every body deal with traffic every day but we can create a solution for small areas like the campus.I think my issue deserve attention because is a problem for pedestrians and drives, the security of people should be a priority. I want my readers to be each student of La Guardia Community college and if its possible persuade politics to accomplish my idea ,also I want them to be participated of how this chance will improve our campus integration.The students deserve more quiet areas where we can spend time focus in our activities or just cross a street with out being in danger .The solution for this problem is to restrict the time for the trucks and work with the big companies around us for the new regulations that we can apply in those streets so the trucks can load during night or after school hours.My proposal difficulties are with the big companies around us but we can work on their decision,also is the breech that we have next to us and I m conscious that is quick way to reach Manhattan but ,we have to understand that their employers and students are on danger.I just want a safe campus around us with out pedestrians being chase by cars because they want to past the traffic lights.

Stop The” Catcalling”
Many people think catcalling is not a serious issue. There is no definite law to punish Violators. Women just simply have to live with it and ignore it. We should act a certain way that won’t give men a reason to said something to us. However, in bigger pictures it is a serious issue. It oppresses women. It doesn’t allow women empowerment. How can we encourage women to empower themselves then in the street we get insult by men? Then say simply ignore it, be nice or dress certain way to not attract a disrespectful man. This a confusing role for women. We can be assertive in other things then not be assertive because we are women and man will be man.
Catcalling is a street harassment that need to be stop and there should be a law that imposed a punishment for a catcalling. Until that happen, women will always continue to live oppress where men can say whatever they want to women and get away with it.

Littering has been an ongoing problem for decades which has an effect on the environment and this is a major problem in my community. In fact littering is done intentionally by the people living in the area throwing their recyclable waste in the streets instead of disposing them in the proper manner. However because the environment is not properly cared for compost tends to build up very fast especially in the market square in my neighborhood which is very unhealthy for the people dwelling in that area not only its unhealthy but gives the area a messy appearance.


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